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Ability Matters Mobility Equipment Store

Ability Matters provide specialist prosthetic, orthotic, and mobility services through our private clinics and retail outlets.

Our multi-disciplinary team provide a range of clinical services to patients. Our clinicians prescribe and custom-fit the best orthotic and prosthetic solutions available to optimise patient comfort and quality of life. We provide advanced orthotic devices, prosthetic limbs and rehabilitation for all special needs, postoperative or post-injury patients. With our specialist sports orthotics service, we can offer preventative care too.

Similarly, our retail outlets supply a wide range of mobility products and daily living aids, including wheelchairs, mobility scooters, riser recliner chairs, and much more. Our highly experienced staff can offer you expert advice on each product, and help you select the right mobility aid for you.

We have premises through the UK and Ireland.

2 Apollo Rd, Belfast BT12 6HP



028 9068 7827

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