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Making music is uplifting, will boost confidence, develop skills, widen their experience and address self self-esteem issues.

Drake Music Project Northern Ireland have recently been given the green light to promote a programme of work aimed at elderly people with early and medium stages of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Music is a wonderful tool with the ability to aid unlocking precious memories and to relieve symptoms and the onset of their illness. Funding for over 100 workshops in Nursing homes and Day Care Centres has been awarded.

Based on research carried out by Drake Music NI Associated Musicians in a pilot project and taster workshops, instrumental reminiscence using music was found to be incredibly beneficial through increased social interaction, vocal fluency, recall, emotional expression, better mood and a better quality of life. Research has also shown that music has a transforming effect on people that appear to be in a vegetative state and can no longer  talk, where it becomes an avenue for stimulating parts of the unaffected brain improving general awareness.

The Sound Memories programme participants will directly benefit from the music sessions. Often participants are unable to communicate their needs. Music as a reminiscence tool will aim to give older people that are experiencing life changes a chance to connect to their past, have fun, and remember how music makes them feel. Not just recreational, the fun workshops in Day Care settings will promote interactions and better connections when smiles and a relaxed atmosphere helps address anxieties which can often cause low mood and isolation. it helps them, and their carers, to feel that life is worthwhile.
We are seeking groups that will appreciate this service, so if you would like to find out more about how Drake Music NI can come to your centre and provide this service, contact Meike White on 07725838504 or drop her an email:

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